Thank you, Amber Tree Care!

Thank you, Amber Tree Care!

This Autumn the Friends and Trustees of Albion Millennium Green commissioned local tree surgeons Amber Tree Care to carry out a survey (a health check) of the trees on the Green. This is something that we will continue to do every couple of years.

The survey indicated that one dead elm tree, three dead silver birch trees and one snapped silver birch tree would need to be felled to a short, safe height above ground level. Dead and dangerous branches would also need to be removed from nine oak trees, one poplar, one horse chestnut and one sycamore. Once the necessary permissions were obtained from Lewisham Council, the work was carried out on November 15th.

This was important work to have carried out for the safety and ongoing care and environmental sustainability of the Green. Campbell Kidd and his team at Amber Tree Care did a beautiful job – and with tremendous generosity in terms of cost. As a charity, we are so very grateful.

You will see that felled wood and branches have been left on the Green, in small stacks, to be recycled into it, and as places where wildlife, especially insects, can make a home.

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