A Charity Workday on the Green – Thank you Pegasus Group!

A Charity Workday on the Green – Thank you Pegasus Group!

“As someone who lives in south London, I understand the importance of places like the Green and how somewhere which offers such a natural escape can be hard to come by. It is rewarding to know that the work we did will help ensure the Green continues to be enjoyed by both local residents and wildlife.”

– Harry, Heritage Consultant

On Friday 17th November, Claire Gayle, a Friend of Albion Millennium Green, brought ten colleagues from the Pegasus Group for a charity workday on the Green. Thank goodness, the weather was beautiful!

The Pegasus Group is a talented planning and heritage consultancy firm based in London’s west end. The Pegasus volunteers worked with Sheila Carson, Secretary of the Friends, and in one day completed big jobs that would otherwise have taken several of our monthly workdays to complete. They cleared and trimmed overgrown planting in and around the pond. The pond looks wonderful and is now ready for frogs to mate and for new spring growth. They cut back hedges and dug out stubborn brambles. They also turned our old insect hotel – built over ten years ago and somewhat dilapidated – into a 5-star residence.

Volunteers care for the Green both as Friends and Trustees. It was so encouraging that this busy London consultancy invested their time and energy in our green space! If other businesses would like to help us with a charity work day on the Green, just get in touch!

“I had a fantastic time spending a sunny afternoon helping to build a new bug hotel at Albion Millennium Green. Living in a busy city like London makes me appreciate the importance of having peaceful green spaces that both people and wildlife can enjoy.”

– Fiona, Planner

“Growing up in London has really made me appreciate the green spaces we have in the city, and being able to contribute to Albion Millennium Green by building a bug hotel was brilliant!”

– Sandia, Graduate Heritage Consultant

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