Teatro Vivo’s “COMMON” ends with a party on the Green

Teatro Vivo’s “COMMON” ends with a party on the Green

Between 7-12 May, the wonderful TEATRO VIVO have been using Albion Millennium Green to culminate their multi-site production, COMMON. It is about the 400 year history of what was once Sydenham (or Westwood) Common. You can find out more about that history here.

Starting in Wells Park, the performance stopped off at locations along Wells Park Road, in Baxter Field, and off Round Hill (by local landmark, St Antholin’s Spire, now in the middle of a 1960’s housing estate).

These sold-out performances were exceptional. A mix of the scripted and the improvised, full of music, mayhem, passion, ghost cows and ghost trees …

… they brought the important story of a local struggle over land rights to life.

They also urged us to continue fighting for and protecting every remaining trace of the old common. Albion Millennium Green is one such space. We are very glad that, due to this event, hundreds more people are now aware of our existence.

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