We’ve had a 7-circuit classical labyrinth on the Green since May 2013. Local artist Maria Strutz designed it for an arts festival that was held on the Green (LEAF 2013). Maria created it using stones and twigs and it wasn’t expected to last beyond the festival. But moss and grass gradually gathered and helped stabilise the fragile structure. And Maria has given it a lot of ongoing care.

In more recent years, though, with several spells of hot, dry weather, the labyrinth had begun to lose definition. So Maria, Bruno Roubicek (one of our trustees) and I had a think. Bruno came up with the solution of using gravel to better define the path. This is as non-invasive an approach as possible and means that the labyrinth’s delicate structure is maintained.

Over the coming year, we will add various labyrinth-walking resources onto the website.

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